Emphas.is: “We are here to engage you”

Karim Ben Khelifa

© Flare Karim Ben Khelifa (r.) and Tomas van Houtryve in Zürich

Karim Ben Khelifa is one of the founders and CEO of the platform Emphas.is. It gives photographers the opportunity to finance projects using crowdfunding. In this way photographers and their audience come into contact. Anybody who wants to support a project can pay ten dollars or more.

The funding does only cover the cost – the photographers have to sell their story afterwards like any other story. If a project doesn’t get the required amount of money in the given period of time the payments go back to the supporters.

Why should I fund a project on Emphas.is?

Karim Ben Khelifa: If you are concerned about the world, care about the world and want to understand the world you should visit Emphas.is and support projects. Because the photographers on Emphas.is can help you to understand. Magazines and newspapers are there to inform you, we are here to engage you. It’s not a broadcasting, it’s a conversation.


What do I get for my 10, 20 or 50 Dollars?

Karim Ben Khelifa: For 10 Dollars you get access to the photographers updates, his videos, everything that he wants to share with you to make you understand the subject and that you wouldn’t have anywhere else. For more money photographers offer other incentives to get the funding faster. That could be a postcard, a print, a book or a lecture for example.

How many projects have already been funded, how many failed?

Karim Ben Khelifa: Five have been funded, four failed and three are actually in the funding period. Two month ago Emphas.is was a theory, now the it’s reality and the people are very dedicated. They put in more money than we expected.

What do you know about the backers? Who are they?

Karim Ben Khelifa: It’s a mixture of very different groups of people. There are a lot of people who are interested in the subjects and realize that it’s important that the public hears about them. Then there are photo enthusiasts who want to get access to a reporter on the ground. And then we’ve got also organizations and media that step in.

There are also teams consisting of a photographer and a writer …

Karim Ben Khelifa: We welcome teams and any kind of collaboration. Photography is still a very small market, a niche, and with collaborations you can reach a wider public. But for Emphas.is it needs a visual aspect – photojournalism, video or multimedia.

Please also check out our interview with Tomas van Houtryve, the first potographer who crowdfunded a project on Emphas.is and says: “It’s quite a sign of hope.”

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